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This module was developed by Chip Li from the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. If you have any questions or suggestions, Chip is looking forward to further communication with you. If you’d like to quickly get in touch, you can use the “Get in touch” button to access Chip’s personal website, where you can learn about his recent activities and personal experiences, and find various ways to contact him.

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In addition, this website provides an AI assistant named Jarvis. You can find the chat button for help in the lower right corner of any page in this website. Just enter your questions related to this module and you can quickly get sufficient information and support.

Here are some possible examples of questions to ask Jarvis.

What are the possible risks associated with the use of AI in education?

I would like to know more details about artificial intelligence to support personalized instruction.

How can I use R language to clean up invalid data in education dataset with the support of artificial intelligence? Please give me a simple sample code.

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